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Rev. Majadi Baruti

I am Jakutade (Majadi Baruti) I can assist you with Shadow Work and some of the darker things you may deal with. I am called to do this for you.

I am because of the energies I deal with, the ones I am called to deal with. I am this way because my Mother who is Great and Boundless is this way, SHE is Dark and Infinite, wondrous and bold. I am a Dark Worker because I am called to go places others will nor or dare not. I am called to say the things others may not say. I work with your other sides, the shadow and the dark corners of your soul. These are the parts that you keep blessedly hidden. 

Nothing in my work indicates evil or a sinister position although this work can be a bit frightening, if you are with me for healing, you are safe. It is just that we have to dig in deep as deep into your darkness as we can go, to find the attachments that some call demons and spirits and such. Just other terminology for the same phenomena. My work involves deep discussions of your past and possibly past life trauma, If you come to me expect to go deeper than before or it is best not to come at all, it is best to stay in that place of great fear….of your self.

I work with darkness realizing a number of things about myself and after years of denying the fact that I am born to work with the deeper healing energies because it feels right to me. I did not choose this the Dark Mother chose me and I submit. I am still and always will be learning the darkness. To know the boundless void of the Great Mother’s Black Womb is indeed a task for the courageous. SHE takes me to places quite daunting. I must take you to the same as I focus my work inward, in essence where the term Dark Worker comes into play. I get you to focus on yourself, what is the problem with you and how do you react or act in relationship with others.  For me it is not just about cleansing your life of the things and ideas that affect you but on a deeper level why do you attract that thing or idea to your self?

So as we the Shadow and Dark Workers focus on the deepest caverns of the self, we often find madness and anger and demons there. We wish to replace it with love, but if we don’t find out why it exists and why it is attached to your spirit, it is possible to repeat the same self-destructive behaviors that harm you. It is possible to stay connected to that which does not benefit you. There are things in you that must die, that must end once and completely. This is the  great path of the Dark Worker, I am of those who see death, know it, can manipulate it’s energy through past life regression. Death is but a portal to another dimension, beyond time and this space. I am working in these spaces, the liminal spaces the in between spaces of darkness and confusion that you may suffer. It is in these places that we can find the truth of who we are. It is in those places I am willing to go for you, you no longer have to suffer.

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Shadow and Dark Working

***I am not a licensed medical practitioner if you wish you may consult your doctor before using any of the methods of my healing work. Again I am not a licensed medical practitioner. I am in the longstanding tradition of healers from various cultures and indigenous peoples.

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