Quotes I have known Rev Majadi for some time now and I have always found him to be sincere and dedicate and loyal to the movement of uplifting and healing others. He is very compassionate, upholding in integrity and truth. He has been blessed by the Great Mother in wisdom and understands how to connect to each person and assist them with the very things they are in need of. There are but a few healers I recommend and I don't say that lightly at all because many people don't have the experience and are just quoting from a book they read or a video they watch but this simply is not the case with Rev. Majadi. I have received readings and spiritual advising from him and they were always on point and provided the clarity and guidance that I needed. Yes, us healers need to receive to and I trust him with the work he has done. You can't go wrong. It is worthwhile and his fees are totally reasonable, probably underpriced because of the level of quality you receive. Quotes
Kels Finex
"...blessed by the Great Mother in wisdom..."

Quotes Rev Majadi's healing services are the real deal. He will help you understand your personal mysteries and can teach you things that will help you refine the very essence of who you are. Many charlatans try to duplicate this level of authenticity, but the proof is found readily. Between the fraudulent and the fortified there is an immense difference. He has something for everyone on their spiritual journey, and his insight will help you a great deal. " Quotes
Aarophat Seven
"...understand your personal mysteries..."